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Outfitters 4 Hope

Hunting applicants with life threatening illness

Hunting applicants with life threatening illness may, in some cases, qualify for special tag applications and hunt area privileges. These special opportunities have been made available through the support of State wildlife offices in various parts of the Western U.S. For children with hopeful hearts but still working through the rigors of treatments, these tags afford access to public and private lands that are more physically accessible and hold high game numbers. Although it varies from State to State, and the species selected, most of these tag applications are a lottery style drawing. As with any lottery style draw, tags are not guaranteed. While we feel very strongly that the experience and memories made are the greatest measure of success, we have options such as youth only hunts, landowner tags, and depredation tags for does or cows that can also be considered in the event that the drawing is unsuccessful. It is our aim to meet the needs of each child right where they are. Through years of experience, we understand that each child has unique physical and emotional needs with varying levels of experience. Regardless of the tag acquired, it’s our conviction to make each experience a dream come true and a memory that will last a lifetime!

Children of fallen hero’s applicants

Children of fallen hero’s is a privileged opportunity to pay honor and respect to the men and women that have sacrificed of themselves in service to others and our Nation. It’s our heart for these children, and their parents, to ensure that we provide an opportunity to pass on the rich traditions of hunting and fishing to the next generation. While many Western States offer unique tag opportunities for children with life threatening illness, our tags for the children of fallen hero’s are applied for, or acquired, a little differently. Often times these trips are a great way to introduce youth hunters with their first hunting or fishing experience. As with all of our hunts, the measure of success is in the memories made. Hunts for our youth hero’s may include State applications for youth only seasons selected by lottery, landowner tag donations, or in some cases doe or cow depredation tags. These hunts provide great camaraderie, great fellowship, and the perfect opportunity to pass the torch and keep the tradition alive for both parents and child alike. Contact us for further details and discussion to find just the right fit, in just the right state, to make a memory that will last a lifetime!