About us

Outfitters for Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a primary mission to serve children with life threatening illness and the children of fallen heroes. O4H provides hunting and fishing trips for youth under the age of 18 to bring hope and healing in the midst of various physical and emotional traumas. Our team has been together for the better part of a decade, and each of us walk with great conviction in the purpose and promise that there is hope beyond our current circumstances. Our team consists of volunteers from all walks of life with a founding core comprised of first responders. Each of us shares a deep passion for helping others and a crazy enthusiasm to share real life, real emotion, and unreal experiences in the great outdoors.

Hunting in every condition

Every child is in a different place and every hunt brings with it different trials. Hunting in every condition relates to both external and internal challenges. Through the years, we have been able to overcome many physical challenges through teamwork and specialized equipment that is specific to the needs of the child. We are prepared to go the extra mile and will put every ounce of our experience and faith into making your child’s hunt a success. With first responders present and equipped in nearly every camp, it’s our aim to bestow confidence in each and every family that has a child with medical needs. We have specialized shooting chairs, optics packages, UTV transport, and some of the best gear in the outdoor industry to remove barriers and equip your child for success.

Experienced Guides

Each of our guides has a unique skillset that we bring to the table. First and foremost we love people and have a deep passion for the outdoors. Our personal resumes span the spectrum from multi day backpack trips into Idaho’s most rugged wilderness, to float trips for caribou and grizzly above the Arctic Circle of Alaska. We have fished from the saltwater flats of the Caribbean to the glacier fed rivers of the Kenai Peninsula. While our hunts for children may not typically cross the expanse of such uncharted places, we want you to know that we are proven, tested, and eager for each new adventure. We want you to know that the volunteers in your camp come with a depth of experience that should bring confidence to all that we serve.

Professional Team

Most of our guides have been hunting together in camps for the better part of the last decade. Each of us shares a passion for the outdoors, and a true passion for helping others that we hold near to our hearts. We have earned the respect of industry leaders and strive to represent well. It is always our aim to be professional in all that we do, to let our actions reflect the core of who we are. We are professionals, parents, volunteers, husbands and wives, first responders, conservationists, and sportsmen. Together we are family, and we can promise you that at the end of your camp you too will be a part of the O4H family. As a part of this family, be ready to laugh together, cry together, and share real life together for memories that will last a lifetime.

Who We Are

Outfitters for Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a primary mission to serve children with life threatening illness and the children of fallen heroes. O4H provides hunting and fishing trips for youth under the age of 18 to bring encouragement in the midst of various physical and emotional traumas. We recognize both the healing value, and power of Hope that can’t be packaged, it has to be experienced.

Outfitters for Hope was founded after a 13-year journey of firsthand experience outfitting hunts for children with life threatening illnesses. Through the years we have been witness to the simple fact that the need far exceeds the resources. Following much deliberation and prayer, O4H was born. Each child, each parent and their unbelievable testimonies have left a lifelong impact on all of us. As a result, the DNA of our organization has been woven with conviction, passion, and a testimony of Hope beyond one’s current struggles. Our focus is on the opportunity to minister and aid in the healing process of each individual child. Through mountain highs and valley lows, we have watched the impact that these trips have on kids. We are not setting out to re-create the wheel…. just to make sure it keeps rolling in the right direction, ensuring every child has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and keep Hope alive.

We define life-threatening illness as “Any progressive, degenerative or malignant disease or condition, resulting in a significant threat, likelihood or certainty that the child’s life expectancy will not extend past his/her 19th birthday unless the course of the disease is interrupted or otherwise abated.” Following application, the child’s attending physician makes the determination of whether a child has a qualifying life-threatening illness.

Through our personal experience, and that of other like-minded organizations, we have seen powerful testimonies from “fallen heroes”. We define fallen heroes as “Military veterans, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and EMS providers who have become disabled (acquiring permanent physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities requiring the assistance of another person or mechanical device for physical mobility) or whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.” Sportsmanship is a powerful heritage that weaves together countless values, which are often passed down from generation to generation. When tragedy strikes a parent, sometimes the ability to pass the torch to their children can fall by the wayside. Outfitters for Hope is here to pickup that torch and pay honor and respect to those fallen heroes. It is our aim to provide opportunities so that a family passion can be passed on and to show our gratitude for the sacrifices made by our nations heroes.

Outfitters for Hope was founded in Idaho, and as a result of our regional resources, Western style big game hunts are our specialty. We are strong supporters of public lands and spend much of our time utilizing these amazing resources. We are very fortunate to also partner with many extremely gracious private landowners. These partnerships allow access that is often only available to the children that we serve. While hunting and fishing don’t carry a guarantee of success, through hard work, determination, and the faith to move mountains, our harvest rates speak for themselves. We want to place emphasis here that our measuring stick of success runs much deeper than that of simply a catch or kill. The focus is on providing a child with the individualized attention that they deserve and taking their mind off the struggles they have endured. We want them to be overwhelmed by the servant heart of our volunteers and feel valued and honored, especially in the midst of their circumstances of life. As a volunteer operated nonprofit outfitter, our courageous children will never be in competition with paying clients or take a back seat to any alternate agenda. The guarantee we do provide is that the experience is life changing for everyone involved.

If you or someone you know would be blessed by the opportunity to be served by Outfitters for Hope, please contact us. Applications can be found online and we welcome questions directed through our website, Facebook, or Instagram. If you are a non-profit organization that would like to partner with Outfitters for Hope, we would love to speak with you. As a standalone nonprofit outfitter, we have the unique opportunity to partner with other amazing organizations with similar ideals and missions thus creating a vast network of resources to exponentially extend the cause. We all seek to serve with similar hearts, and as such, it is with humility and professionalism that we’re honored to join forces and cooperatively change the lives of others. Ego’s, personal agendas, and prideful demands for recognition are not what we’re about. We’re in this for the children and the parents that have endured all too much. When we all come together and assist in sharing that burden, Faith and Hope can thrive!

Outfitters 4 Hope Inc is recognized by the State of Idaho and the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit public charity.  Donations to Outfitters 4 Hope Inc are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules and regulations. Our Employer Identification number (EIN) is 88-3478595. Consultation with a qualified tax preparer regarding state and federal charitable deductions is advised.

Historical pictures and content of children we have supported and dreams our crew has helped fulfill are intended only to serve as examples of our volunteer efforts and experience, in some cases, while operating under the jurisdiction, or in support of, other local and national non-profit organizations. It is our privilege to serve kids in any capacity and support the efforts of all like-minded non-profits.